Todd E. Oleson M. DIV., MSW | Therapist & Counselor

Family & Individual Therapy In Ada & Forest Hills, MI

Are you experiencing a drastic change in your life that is making each day a little harder to get through? Is there a major life event that you are looking for help adjusting to? If so, getting in touch with a professional counselor or therapist in Ada or Forest Hills is a smart decision. We all go through troubling times in our lives and sometimes we need to talk to someone who really understands our feelings and how they can affect our everyday lives.

Todd E. Oleson offers the kind of personal, one-on-one attention you need. At our therapy and counseling practice, we understand that it might be a little unnerving to come to a therapist for the first time and we work to make the experience a comfortable one. While each person's counseling or therapy needs are different, we know that the main goal is to get to a healthier state of mind. We can help you achieve that goal with our professional therapy services.

Whether you're looking for marriage counseling, family therapy, or a teen counseling therapist in Ada and the greater Forest Hills area, Todd. E. Oleson is standing by to take your call.

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